Coolidge Baptist Church - How Do I Join?


If you do not have a church home in this area where you are happily and actively engaged in Christian Service, you may feel the Spirit's leadership to make Coolidge Baptist Chuch your church home. If so, we invite you to present yourself for membership upon one of the following invitations:

...If you have never publicly acknowledged Christ as your Lord, you may be saved now by repenting of your sins and calling upon God to save you as you accept Christ as Personal Savior. The Bible teaches that when we have accepted Christ, we must confess Him before man. This you may do by presenting yourself to the church for believer's baptism and membership;

...If you are a born again Christian and a member of another Baptist Church of like faith and order, you are invited to present yourself for membership upon promise of your letter;

...If you are a born again Christian and a member of a church other than Baptist we invite you to join fellowship through a testimony in believer's baptism;

...If you have been saved and baptized by immersion in believer's baptism into a Baptist Church and are now not active, you may come upon such statement.

The church will extend a public appeal at the close of the service. As God's Spirit leads you, we invite you to come forward and present yourself upon your decision.



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