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Versed Reading Plan

Message From our Pastor
We as a church have embacked on a journey through the Bible for 2018. Our goal is being a body of believers to grow together in the knowledge of Christ Jesus, Our Lord. I call the plan Versed, it covers every verse of the scripture. As you follow this plan, you will be reading six or seven chapter of scripture per day. I encourage you to read God's word day by day and allow it to bless you and change you.

You will notice there is a Day of Relection each week with no reading assiganment. There are several reasons which I feel are beneficial. It is a time to catch up when we find ourselves getting behind. Sometime we need a break from the daily reading helps keep your mind freah, while giving you some time to reflect on scriptures you have read that week. The days of reflection also fall on Sundays, where we will be spending time together in the Word during Sunday School and Worship Services.

There are no check boxes next to each day's reading. The reason is reading God's word should not be a chore. It is my prayer that you will thirst for the very words of God and you will grow stronger in His word each and everyday. I pray that you will look forward to the daily reading as you learn more and more about the God who created you. The goal of Versed reading plan is not to just accomplish a task of reading the Bible, but to help us grow in our relationship with God and become well versed in His word.

My prayers will be with you all as you travel this journey through the Bible, that you will be truly blessed by God.

                                                                                                                 Rev. Adam Gilligan
                                                                                                                 Coolidge Baptist Church

Click below for a copy of the Versed Readin Plan.

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